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Summer Demo 2014.
"The Shred."

Recorded with and mixed by Daniel Gorham and Donkey Den Studios.
Mastered by Ian Pritchard.

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Fuck Cops.



released 29 July 2014




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Future Primitive. Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro, NC


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Track Name: (SH)RED CURBS
What makes you think you have the right to judge another's life?
Shitty self righteous partiality.
Get Fucked.

You're lost in your own reality.
Cushioned by that fucking ego.

You're quick to shake the hand of whomever offers you the most.
You're hand fed all the answers to my questions.

You think you're in control; but that we all see through.

Putting others down to support your vacant cause,
spitting bullshit prose.
You're a weakling, a fuck up.
Something that everyone knows.
Track Name: SHITFOOT
How dare you waste my time,
by putting me down and putting me out.
This is all I've got.
The only one left to keep this going.

It's been more than three years,
and I'm lonelier now more than ever.
In face of you,
I've made more progress than you ever will.

Am I at a point to hate you,
For all the shit you've caused?

I'd never admit to being the best,
or even close to being good.
I still can't say the next day
is any easier than the last.

I wake up every morning
hating who I am.
I don't see how you can do the same
without hating yourself too.

We've been hearing the lies for too long.
You wore them out long before your welcome.

Get the fuck up,
Make a change.
Stop saying you wish you could.

You've made no difference,
you've changed no lives.
You stalled your chance at a better life.

This fair weather friendship
has led to weathered ties.
If I can forgive you for all you've done

Then who would.

Can you say you're getting better?
Cause I swear you've gotten worse.

Cause I know you're fucking worse.
Track Name: BROKE IN
-Dedicated to Jessica Morgan-

If it's honesty you want,
It's honesty you'll get.
The first few years have been spent,
Trying to remember what I was.

Fuck what I became,
And where I've ended up.
Past tense sense of longing,
A large shell of who I was.

Here you are before me,
Barely more than bones.
Stuck here with the skeletons of your past.

Brittle, frail.
Yet they hold you back.
The terrors of whats next.

Narcissistic to your depravation
A thing you won't withstand.

They dole out lost words on your lost cause,
While your spirit rots your form.
You're beautiful,
Stay Strong.
None of these mean anything to you.

I'm better.
Or, at least I hope I am.
I want to say that it's worth it.
But this pain, it always lasts.
Track Name: A.S.G.A.B.
Ask a punk?
More like ask a prick.
The way you do things fucking makes me sick.

You bastardize
The foundation of our lives.
And expect to see change today.

Your exclusive club has them oppressed.
Down and Out.
Alone, distressed.

This is not for you.
This is all for them.
You've made a mockery of any real movement.

Give them a place to go.
Give them a safer home.